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Gas Station in Oakland Devastated by Looters as Store Owner Sam Mardaie Criticizes Slow Police Response

Mass Looting at Oakland Gas Station: Frustrated Owner Claims Police Took Nine Hours to Respond

Breaking News: Oakland Gas Station Looted by Mob After Police Delay Response

In a shocking turn of events, a mob of looters descended upon an Oakland gas station convenience store in the early hours of the morning, causing thousands of dollars in damage and leaving the store manager feeling frustrated and abandoned by the police.

The chaos unfolded at the 76 Station near the Oakland International Airport, where approximately 80 to 100 individuals broke into the store around 4:30 a.m. after attending a nearby car sideshow. The store’s owner, Sam Mardaie, described how the mob ripped shelves apart, vandalized grocery items, and made off with cash, food, drinks, and even a television.

Despite pleas for help, Mardaie claimed that it took the police a staggering nine hours to respond to the incident, leaving him and his staff feeling helpless and unprotected. The looters’ rampage lasted around 40 minutes, during which two employees were threatened and the store’s register and ATM were cleaned out of approximately $25,000.

The store’s customers expressed their fear and dismay over the ongoing crime wave in the area, with one customer sharing how they were now afraid to go out after dark. The incident is just the latest in a series of crimes that have plagued the neighborhood, leading to the closure of several businesses and even causing one family to withdraw their son from a local college.

This brazen act of looting comes on the heels of a similar incident in February, where a Texas attorney’s son was robbed at gunpoint at the same gas station. The escalating crime situation has left Mardaie, who hails from Yemen, questioning the lack of law and order in a country where such incidents are becoming all too common.

As the community reels from this latest incident, questions are being raised about the response time of law enforcement and the overall safety of the neighborhood. With tensions running high and frustration mounting, residents and business owners are left wondering when action will be taken to curb the crime wave and restore peace to the area.

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