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From Doubt to Determination: Bradwell Woman Heads to London Marathon After Major Weight Loss

Sharon Guest-Barker, a resident of Bradwell, North Staffordshire, is making headlines as she prepares to compete in the 2024 London Marathon, a significant milestone following a personal transformation. After losing nearly two stones, Sharon is not only proving her skeptics wrong but also raising funds for charity.

After years of emotional eating due to the loss of her stepmother, Sharon found herself increasingly uncomfortable with her size. At 51, the effects of her weight began to encroach on her daily life. “I was ashamed and knew I needed a change,” Sharon recalls. Her pivotal moment came during a New Year’s Eve celebration, where despite the laughter from her family at her resolution to lose weight, she committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Sharon’s journey gained momentum when she joined Slimming World in January. “The support from my consultant and peers at Slimming World has been invaluable,” she states. The community not only shared healthy recipes but provided Sharon the encouragement needed to stay focused on her goals.

Representing Slimming World, Sharon is part of a 17-member marathon team, including both staff and members from across the UK and Ireland. Collectively, they have shed over 105 stones and are advocating for Cancer Research UK, the Irish Cancer Society, and Alzheimer’s Research UK—Slimming World’s charity partners.

In addition to losing weight, Sharon embraced Slimming World’s Body Magic program, which integrates physical activity into daily life tailored to individual capabilities and budgets. “Starting with walks and gradually progressing to jogging was a game-changer for me,” she explains. This program played a crucial role in her preparation for the marathon.

Running the marathon holds a dual purpose for Sharon; it is a challenge and a tribute. “I run in memory of my grandad and to honor a close friend’s mother, both affected by dementia,” she shares. Her efforts support Alzheimer’s Research UK, an organization committed to finding a cure for dementia, a leading cause of death in the UK.

Lucy Squance, director of supporter led fundraising at Alzheimer’s Research UK, expresses deep appreciation for the Slimming World team’s efforts. “Their dedication brings us closer to a cure every day,” she remarks.

Supporters can contribute to this cause by visiting the Slimming World Marathon team’s fundraising page.

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