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French voters push far right to victory | Actualités, Sports, Emplois

Far-right National Rally leads in France’s first round of legislative elections

The far-right National Rally party in France has surged ahead in the country’s first round of legislative elections, dealing a major blow to President Emmanuel Macron and his centrist government. With polling agencies projecting the National Rally to have secured about one-third of the national vote, there is now a real possibility of France having its first far-right government since World War II.

The Prime Minister has issued a stark warning, stating that the extreme right is at the doors of power and urging voters to come together to prevent the National Rally from gaining a majority in the second round of voting. If the National Rally and its allies secure a parliamentary majority, leader Marine Le Pen could potentially become the next Prime Minister, marking a significant shift in French politics.

Despite the strong showing in the first round, the National Rally still needs to secure a commanding legislative majority in the second round to form a government. The outcome of the election remains uncertain, with a week of intense campaigning ahead before the final vote.

The election results have highlighted the growing discontent among French voters and their desire for change after years of what Le Pen described as contemptuous and corrosive power. The National Rally’s promises to dismantle Macron’s policies and enhance spending power, without a clear plan on how to pay for it, could have far-reaching implications for France and the European Union.

As the country braces for the decisive final round of voting, the future political landscape of France hangs in the balance, with the potential for a significant shift towards far-right politics.

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