Monday, May 27, 2024

French Naval Ship, FNS Aquitaine, to Depart from Portsmouth Harbour this Evening

After a weekend stay in Portsmouth Harbour, the French naval ship, FNS Aquitaine, is scheduled to set sail at approximately 5:30 PM today, May 5th.

The FNS Aquitaine, part of the French Navy, arrived at Portsmouth Harbour on Friday, May 3rd, and is among several international ships that have been hosted by the Royal Navy this year. Notable among these visits was the Italian aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi and IS San Giorgio, which made a stopover in February on their way to the North Sea and the Arctic Circle. They were accompanied by the Spanish frigate ESPS Santa Maria, which also made a stop in Portsmouth before proceeding to the North Sea.

While the departure time for the FNS Aquitaine is scheduled for approximately 5:30 PM, it’s anticipated that the ship will actually leave closer to 5:45 PM.

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