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France heads to second round of election with far right party gaining ground

Far Right On Course To Emerge As Biggest Force In French Parliament After Historic Election

In a historic election in France, voters went to the polls for the second round, with the far right expected to emerge as the biggest force in a deeply divided parliament. The atmosphere in the country is tense, with 30,000 police deployed to prevent trouble and voters anxious about a potential electoral earthquake that could reshape the French political landscape.

Antoine Schrameck, a 72-year-old resident of Rosheim, expressed his concerns, calling it a turning point in the history of the republic. Adella Fournier, a 41-year-old civil servant, echoed his sentiments, saying that the public mood needs to calm down, but they are far from achieving that.

President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call for snap elections three years ahead of time seems to have backfired, as the far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) emerged as the top party in the first round. However, the RN may not win an outright majority, which could prevent Macron from appointing Le Pen’s lieutenant, Jordan Bardella, as prime minister.

A hung parliament with a significant eurosceptic, anti-immigration faction could weaken France’s international standing and threaten Western unity, particularly in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The European Union officials are closely monitoring the situation as France navigates through this critical election.

With the country on edge, more than 200 tactical-voting pacts were formed between center and left-wing candidates to prevent the RN from securing an absolute majority. This move has been hailed as a return of the anti-far-right “Republican Front” strategy used in the past.

Analysts predict that the RN may fall short of an outright majority, leading to a potential coalition government against the far-right. However, this could result in a prolonged period of political paralysis in France, especially as the country gears up to host the Olympics.

The outcome of this election could mark a seismic political shift in France, with significant implications for the country’s future and its role on the international stage. As the polls open and close, the nation awaits the projections and the reactions of political leaders, eager to see how the political landscape will be reshaped.

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