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Four swimmers attacked by shark on South Padre Island in Texas

Terrifying Shark Attacks on Fourth of July in Texas

The Fourth of July took a terrifying turn for swimmers on South Padre Island in Texas as a man-hungry shark attacked four individuals, leaving at least one victim with a bite-shaped chunk missing from her calf. The chilling footage captured the aftermath of the attack, with the massive predator stalking the shore as a bleeding woman lay helpless in the waves.

The chaos unfolded as two swimmers were bitten by what officials believe was the same shark. A man was severely bitten in his leg in the morning, while the woman sustained injuries to her calf. Witnesses described the horrifying moments as onlookers rushed to her aid, applying a makeshift tourniquet as she cried out in pain.

The man’s father-in-law recounted the harrowing experience of seeing his relative get dragged underwater by the shark, prompting him to swim after him in a frenzied attempt to help. Two other swimmers also encountered the predator, with one escaping with minor injuries and the other needing stitches after fighting off the shark.

Authorities have described the attacks as abnormal and unprecedented, with the shark suspected to still be lurking in the waters off South Padre Island. Beachgoers have been advised to remain vigilant and exit the water calmly if they spot any signs of predatory wildlife nearby.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, marking the first shark attacks in the area in five years. Officials are monitoring the situation closely and have deployed drones to survey the shores for any signs of the elusive apex predator. While such encounters are rare in Texas, authorities caution that mistaken identity by sharks looking for food can lead to unfortunate incidents like these.

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