Monday, July 15, 2024

Former CEO of Europe’s biggest tech firm makes forecast on US-China semiconductor battle

The Ongoing Conflict Between the United States and China Over Semiconductor Technology: Insights from Former ASML CEO Peter Wennink

Peter Wennink, the former CEO of ASML, Europe’s largest technology firm, has weighed in on the ongoing conflict between the United States and China over semiconductor technology, predicting that the dispute is likely to continue for years to come.

Speaking in an interview with Dutch radio station BNR, Wennink criticized the ideological nature of the conflict, noting that discussions are not based on facts or data but rather on ideology. He emphasized the need to balance stakeholder interests amid geopolitical tensions.

ASML, a key player in the global semiconductor industry, has faced increasing US restrictions on exporting its advanced chip-making equipment to China since 2018. This poses a challenge for the company, as China is its second-largest market after Taiwan.

Wennink revealed his efforts to strike a balance, including lobbying against export restrictions and addressing intellectual property concerns with Chinese officials. He stressed that his loyalty lies with his customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders, rather than any particular country.

Looking ahead, Wennink predicted a prolonged period of tension in the semiconductor industry, warning that the geopolitical stakes could lead to decades of conflict in the chip sector. Despite his retirement from ASML in April, Wennink’s insights shed light on the complex dynamics at play in the high-stakes semiconductor battle between the US and China.

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