Monday, July 15, 2024

Footwear News: WSS Partners with Aptos for Mobile POS and AI Technology

Tech Tuesdays: WSS Implements Aptos One for Mobile-Enabled Store Experience

Tech Tuesdays: WSS Implements Mobile POS and AI, Small Businesses Ready for AI Adoption, Captiv8 Partners with TikTok, Klarna Reaches Subscriber Milestone, Vsblty and Multimedia Plus Collaboration

In this week’s tech news, several major developments are reshaping the retail and tech landscape.

WSS, a leading retailer, has announced its adoption of the Aptos One POS platform across over 100 stores nationwide. The mobile-first application is set to enhance in-store experiences for both shoppers and store associates by providing real-time inventory data, customer purchase history, and promotional offers at their fingertips. This move signifies WSS’s commitment to providing exceptional service and empowering sales associates to interact more freely with customers.

Visa’s latest small business study reveals a growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) among small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. and Canada. While nearly half of those polled express eagerness to leverage AI, many lack the necessary guidance to get started. The report highlights significant benefits experienced by AI adopters, including increased productivity, improved customer experience, and reduced errors.

Captiv8 is expanding its partnership with TikTok to include an integration with TikTok Shop, offering improved collaboration and more opportunities between content creators and brands. This integration enhances Captiv8’s social commerce solutions, allowing creators to operate a single storefront with all their content, leading to a larger marketing funnel and increased revenue for brands and creators.

Klarna, a fintech firm, has reached a milestone with its Klarna Plus offering, gaining 100,000 subscribers in the U.S. since its launch earlier this year. Klarna Plus provides exclusive benefits to subscribers, including waived service fees, rewards, and access to special deals with popular brands. This achievement underscores the value of the product and Klarna’s commitment to enhancing the shopping experience for subscribers.

Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp. and Multimedia Plus have teamed up to launch “Incite Vision,” an AI-powered platform that combines customer engagement capabilities with computer vision technology to provide retailers with detailed customer insights and enhance customer experiences. The platform’s features include interactive kiosks, centralized shopper-facing hubs, employee training tools, and AI-driven analytics to optimize in-store experiences and marketing strategies.

These developments highlight the ongoing evolution of retail technology and the growing importance of AI, social commerce, and personalized customer experiences in today’s competitive market. Stay tuned for more updates on Tech Tuesdays.

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