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Florida marriage, birth, and death certificates delayed due to cyber incident

Potential Cyber Incident Halts Access to Vital Records in Florida, Causing Delays for Couples

Florida Couples Face Delays in Obtaining Vital Records Due to Cyber Incident

Couples in Florida are facing delays in obtaining vital records such as birth, marriage, and death certificates due to a “potential cyber incident” that has impacted the state’s Department of Health online certification system.

The Florida Department of Health reported temporary outages of the Vital Statistics system, causing concerns for couples trying to navigate through the system for important documents. Terry Wright, owner of Wright & Young Funeral Home, shared that the incident has forced them to revert to analog methods of processing death certificates, slowing down the entire process.

While Wright’s funeral home has managed to find workarounds for burials and entombments, families seeking cremations are facing challenges in obtaining the necessary documentation. This has resulted in some families being unable to access insurance reimbursement, annuities, and other financial accounts, causing further distress during an already difficult time.

The issue began on June 27 and has yet to be resolved, with the Health Department stating that they are coordinating with law enforcement and other stakeholders to address the situation. Affected parties will be notified as a comprehensive assessment of the incident is completed.

As couples anxiously await for the system to be back up and running smoothly, they are left to deal with the uncertainty and delays in obtaining vital records for important life events.

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