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First US Army Block II Chinook helicopter delivered by Boeing

Boeing Modernizes US Army’s CH-47F Chinook Helicopter to Block II Configuration

Boeing has successfully modernized the first of the US Army’s 465 CH-47F ‘Chinook’ transport helicopters to the latest Block II configuration. This upgrade, completed earlier this week, promises significant improvements in capabilities for the iconic heavy-lift helicopter.

The Chinook, known for its tandem rotary wing design, is a versatile aircraft used for various heavy-lift duties such as medical evacuation, aircraft recovery, parachute drop, search and rescue, disaster relief, and firefighting. With the Block II upgrade, the US Army can now lift more, fly farther, and maintain their aircraft better than ever before.

Heather McBryan, vice president and programme manager for Boeing’s Cargo Programs division, emphasized that the Block II configuration provides notable capability improvements. The upgrade includes an improved drivetrain, reinforced airframe, and enhanced fuel system, resulting in an additional 4,000 pounds of maximum gross weight and an extended mission radius for almost all payloads. Additionally, the design allows for future technology upgrades.

Not only does the Block II program enhance the Chinook’s capabilities, but it also improves aircraft sustainment. The upgraded rotor system ensures improved reliability, reducing unscheduled maintenance. The simplified fuel system contributes to sustainment efficiency, ultimately reducing maintenance burden and costs.

The Chinook has a global footprint, with over 950 helicopters in operation across 20 countries. The platform has been a mainstay in the US Army’s fleet since 1962. Recent contracts for Block I units with South Korea and Spain will continue until 2027, allowing both Block I and Block II configurations to coexist in the heavy-lift space.

In addition to its existing user base, the Chinook is attracting new customers. Germany, for the first time, has signed a deal for 60 Block II units worth €7.8 billion ($8.5 billion). The delivery is scheduled between 2027 and 2032, with the motivation for the deal being the extensive global support base of the Chinook platform. This support may involve the transfer of spares and equipment, as seen in the UK’s Boxer program, or potential knowledge-sharing initiatives where Germany could deploy with other Chinook users.

The modernization of the Chinook helicopter showcases Boeing’s commitment to enhancing the capabilities of this iconic aircraft, ensuring its continued relevance and effectiveness in serving military and humanitarian missions worldwide.

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