Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Final Fantasy 14 Hit by DDoS Attack Ahead of Dawntrail Expansion Release

Final Fantasy 14 faced a DDoS attack, causing widespread technical difficulties that now seem to be resolved, just ahead of the highly anticipated Dawntrail expansion release.

Yesterday, players encountered significant technical issues across all global data centers, struggling with logging in or staying connected to the game. Square Enix addressed the attack in a blog post, assuring players that they are actively investigating and implementing countermeasures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Fortunately, it seems the problem has been resolved. This morning, players reported smooth login experiences after a brief game update. Eurogamer has reached out to Square Enix for confirmation.

The DDoS attack, designed to overload servers with data, comes just before the highly anticipated release of the Dawntrail expansion on July 2nd (early access starting June 28th). With the imminent release, an influx of players is expected across all servers, potentially leading to further technical difficulties.

During the release of the previous expansion, Endwalker, long login queues prompted Square Enix to offer free game time to players. The expansion became so popular that the game was temporarily pulled from sale.

While this recent DDoS attack may have caused concern among players, Square Enix has taken steps to enhance server capacity and player experience. Just last week, they announced the addition of a new European data center, “Shadow,” along with three new worlds: Innocence, Pixie, and Titania. These references will be familiar to players of Shadowbringers.

The Shadow data center is scheduled to be available following the previously announced maintenance.

Dawntrail promises to be an exciting addition to Final Fantasy 14, offering “the very best summer vacation” experience. Set to release on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series X/S, PC players are encouraged to check out the Dawntrail benchmark tool to ensure smooth gameplay on their systems, with fixes for any issues expected soon.

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