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Family Heirloom from Washington Nearly Donated to Goodwill Sells at Art Auction for Six Figures

Pricey Piece of Art by Julian Onderdonk Fetches Six-Figure Payday for Washington State Family

The Brinkley family from Washington state recently made a stunning discovery when they realized they almost gave away a valuable piece of art to Goodwill decades ago. The painting in question, a majestic portrayal of bluebonnets in Texas by renowned artist Julian Onderdonk, was sold for an impressive $112,500 at auction last month.

The artwork had been in the Brinkley family for over a century, with Carlotta Preston’s parents receiving it as a gift in celebration of her birth year in 1922. The painting almost ended up at Goodwill when the family was helping Preston clear out her home before her move from California to Washington back in 2005. However, Preston’s reluctance to part with the painting saved it from being donated.

After Preston’s passing, her daughter, now living in Washington, took in the painting and displayed it on a dining room wall. It wasn’t until later on that the family realized the true value of the piece. Jared Brinkley, Preston’s grandson, expressed that it had been a family heirloom all those years but was mainly seen as decoration. The family decided to sell the painting so that it could go to someone who would truly appreciate its worth.

Julian Onderdonk, known as the father of Texas painting, was born in San Antonio in 1882 and gained recognition for his stunning bluebonnet landscapes. The painting sold at auction, “A Field of Bluebonnets, San Antonio,” is just one of Onderdonk’s many popular pieces that have become highly valuable in the art world.

The canvas, initially listed for $30,000, exceeded all expectations with a final sale price of $112,500. The Brinkley family’s journey from nearly donating a valuable piece of art to Goodwill to receiving a six-figure payday serves as a reminder to always look closer at the treasures hidden within our own homes.

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