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Faculty members getting ready to internationalize classes in 2024 – Breaking News

Enhancing Courses Through the Going Global Course Design Pilot Program

Illinois State University is taking a bold step towards globalizing its curriculum with the launch of the Going Global Course Design Pilot Program. This unique initiative, a collaboration between the Center for Integrated Professional Development (CIPD) and the Office of International Engagement (OIE), aims to internationalize select courses starting in the upcoming academic year.

The pilot program, which ran from February to May of 2024, attracted faculty members from a variety of disciplines including Information Technology, Communication, Psychology, Economics, Marketing, Art, Nursing, and Geography, Geology, and the Environment. These educators were eager to explore new ways of incorporating global perspectives into their classrooms.

Dr. Roopa Rawjee, Executive Director of OIE, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, stating, “OIE is always happy to initiate and support collaborations that enhance our global skillset. I am grateful to the CPID for their partnership, and we will continue to look for such opportunities.”

Participants in the pilot program engaged in a structured curriculum that covered topics such as curriculum internationalization, intercultural competence, working with domestic and international students, and critical global issues. They also had the opportunity to learn from campus colleagues with previous global course design experience and engage in discussions with a panel of students.

Faculty members shared their plans for implementing what they learned in the pilot program into their courses. Dr. Jonathan Thayn of the Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment highlighted the importance of connecting global concepts to students’ lives, while Dr. Elahe Javadi of the School of Information Technology emphasized the use of global data and perspectives in her technical courses.

The impact of the pilot program is far-reaching, with many participants planning to incorporate their newfound knowledge into all the courses they teach. Dr. Megan Hopper of the School of Communication shared her excitement for incorporating the program’s deliverables into her courses, stating, “I can’t wait to incorporate all the incredible amount of knowledge I gained from this program into not only the graduate seminar, but all of my courses!”

As Illinois State University continues to prioritize global and international learning, future professional development opportunities in this area will be offered. Faculty interested in participating can reach out to for more information.

The Going Global Course Design Pilot Program is paving the way for a more globally-minded curriculum at Illinois State University, ensuring that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

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