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Exploring the Rich Heritage of Dunes Golf and Beach Club: A Myrtle Beach Gem

Experience the legacy unfold as the Dunes Golf and Beach Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C., prepares to host the inaugural Myrtle Beach Classic, a testament to its decades-long journey.

Nestled in the heart of Myrtle Beach, the Dunes Golf and Beach Club boasts a history steeped in tradition and innovation. Standing at the 11th tee box, head pro Dennis Nicholl unveils tales of yesteryears, where a modest fishing cabin named Chapin Cabin once stood, setting the stage for what would become a renowned golfing destination.

Back in October 1948, amidst the post-World War II era, visionaries congregated for a BBQ, igniting discussions that birthed the idea of constructing the Dunes Club. Spearheaded by forward-thinking businessmen and women seeking recreational havens, the concept gained momentum. Enter Robert Trent Jones, Sr., a burgeoning architect tasked with shaping dreams into reality. From the humble origins of a few bulldozers and a parcel of land emerged the iconic Dunes Club, forever etched in golfing lore.

Over the years, the course has evolved, adapting to the changing times while preserving its essence. From subtle alterations in hole configurations to modernized amenities like renovated kitchens and guest locker rooms, the club stands as a testament to adaptability without compromising heritage.

Beyond its fairways lies Singleton Swash, a silent witness to centuries of history. Legend has it that even George Washington once traversed these lands, adding another layer to the tapestry of the Dunes Golf and Beach Club’s narrative.

As the Myrtle Beach Classic heralds a new chapter in its storied history, the Dunes Golf and Beach Club stands as a timeless beacon, beckoning enthusiasts to revel in its legacy. Join us in unraveling the enchanting saga of this coastal gem, where every stroke echoes the whispers of the past, present, and future.

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