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Expectation of positive US crop report leads to drop in CBOT soybean and grain futures

Market Analysis: U.S. Crop Prices Drop as Weather Improves and Dollar Strengthens

Traders in the Chicago Board of Trade saw soybeans and corn futures hit four-year lows on Monday as they anticipated a positive report on U.S. crop progress from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Despite recent extreme weather in the western U.S. Corn Belt, traders believed the damage was limited, leading to the drop in prices.

According to Angie Setzer of Consus Ag, traders were not overly concerned about crop damage from hail, heavy rainfall, and flooding in the region. The market sentiment seemed to be leaning towards the idea that “rain makes grain,” indicating a positive outlook on crop yields.

The strength of the U.S. dollar also played a role in the decline of grain and soybean futures, making U.S. commodities less attractive on the export market. Additionally, expectations of good progress in the U.S. wheat harvest due to recent hot and dry weather further weighed on wheat futures.

Overall, the market saw a sharp drop in wheat, corn, and soybean prices, with wheat settling down 20 cents, corn down 16-1/4 cents, and soybeans falling 30-1/4 cents. Analysts attributed the decline to improved weather conditions in major exporting countries like Russia, the U.S., and Canada, as well as an abundance of corn affecting wheat prices.

The upcoming USDA crop report was expected to provide further clarity on the situation, with market participants eagerly awaiting the latest updates on crop progress and harvest expectations.

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