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Expanded Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 Sets the Stage for Epic 15th Century Warfare with New Firearms

The Pipa News – Warhorse Studios, renowned for its dedication to historical accuracy in gaming, has officially announced the much-anticipated sequel to its 2018 hit, “Kingdom Come: Deliverance”. Titled “Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2”, the game promises to deliver an expansive experience, doubling the size of its predecessor and incorporating early firearms into its gameplay, marking a significant evolution in the series.

As a direct sequel, the game continues the story of Henry, the peasant who ascended to knighthood, alongside his aristocratic ally, Hans. The duo will face the tumults of a civil war in 15th century Bohemia, enriched with a more elaborate narrative and enhanced gameplay mechanics. This new installment is not just bigger; it introduces a layered combat system that includes formidable firearms and a deeper focus on strategic fighting.

The original game carved a niche by steering clear of the typical fantasy tropes of magic and dragons, instead offering players a realistic simulation of medieval life and combat. The sequel promises to maintain this realism, with a robust first-person combat system that remains as intricate and rewarding as ever. Viktor Bocan, the game’s combat designer, emphasizes that the sequel aims to intensify the physical and tactical realism of medieval warfare.

Furthermore, the addition of firearms and crossbows offers a fresh dynamic to ranged combat, a feature fans felt was missing in the first game. Although these weapons will pack a punch, their realistic implementation means they will come with challenges like slow reload times, demanding players to master both distance and melee tactics.

The development team at Warhorse has grown significantly since the first title, from a modest group of 11 to a robust workforce of 250, enhancing their capacity to scale the game’s world and depth. According to Daniel Vávra, the studio head, what players will see in Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 is the full realization of their original vision, now made possible by more resources and accumulated experience.

The game’s world will be approximately twice the size of the original, spanning diverse new landscapes and the intricately designed city of Kuttenberg. The narrative scope has also been expanded, featuring over five hours of cutscenes that delve into the political intrigue of kings and battles, with Henry increasingly central to the unfolding historical events.

While the game broadens in scope and scale, the developers are keen to retain the charm of the original, which resonated well with players due to its focus on the protagonist’s personal growth and lighter, character-driven moments. Prokop Jirsa, lead designer, notes that while Henry’s character is established, players will still enjoy considerable freedom to shape his journey, from his appearance and skills to his moral decisions.

Warhorse has not yet confirmed a specific release date, but they assure fans that Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 will launch later this year. As the release approaches, both newcomers and returning fans are eager to explore the enhanced world and experience the next chapter of Henry’s adventure.

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