Monday, July 22, 2024

Eclypsium and Everfox Collaborate to Strengthen Security for U.S. Government Technology Supply Chain

Eclypsium Announces Partnership with Everfox for National Cross Domain Strategy and Management Office’s Raise The Bar Initiative

The New Partnership Between Eclypsium and Everfox Bolsters National Security

In a move aimed at enhancing the security of critical data and networks, Eclypsium and Everfox (formerly Forcepoint Federal) have announced a new partnership to support the National Cross Domain Strategy and Management Office’s (NCDSMO) Raise The Bar (RTB) requirements. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way federal agencies exchange sensitive information across boundaries to meet their mission objectives.

Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) play a crucial role in facilitating information-sharing across security domains, making them vital components of the national security framework. However, these systems are dependent on firmware developed by various manufacturers in the digital supply chain, which poses significant security risks. In response to these threats, the NCDSMO established the RTB initiative to mitigate risks associated with CDS systems and bolster their security.

Steve Limbert, Vice President of US Federal at Eclypsium, highlighted the importance of ensuring the integrity and security of data transmitted through CDS devices. Through their partnership with Everfox, Eclypsium aims to provide support for RTB-compliant solutions by conducting scans during the configuration and assembly process to validate the integrity of devices before delivery to end users.

Everfox, a leader in Commercial-Off-The-Shelf development for government agencies, is set to leverage the Eclypsium Supply Chain Security Platform to verify the integrity of critical CDS devices. This platform, built on years of firmware vulnerability research, offers industry-leading assurance for firmware and hardware, protecting against known and unknown threats.

Shaun Bierweiler, Chief Revenue Officer at Everfox, emphasized the significance of their collaboration with Eclypsium in delivering secure solutions to government agencies and private sector users globally. By adhering to stringent security standards, Everfox aims to support national security objectives effectively.

The partnership between Eclypsium and Everfox marks a significant step towards securing the digital supply chain and safeguarding critical information. By combining their expertise in CDS solutions and supply chain security, these two companies are paving the way for a new era of secure information exchange in the government and private sectors.

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