Monday, July 15, 2024

D’YAVOL joins forces with Paige Group to expand worldwide

D’YAVOL Partners with Jonathan Paige International to Manage Luxury Spirits Portfolio Expansion in Australia

Luxury spirits brand D’YAVOL, a global collective by SLAB Ventures, has made its mark in the Australian market through an exclusive partnership with Jonathan Paige International Group Pty Ltd. The partnership will see Jonathan Paige International managing D’YAVOL’s spirit portfolio in Australia, showcasing its single-estate vodka and scotch whiskies.

The spirits portfolio, which is now available at select off-trade and on-trade locations in Australia, boasts a range of multi-award-winning products, including their single-estate vodka from Poland and two scotch whiskies. Leti Blagoeva, Co-Founder of D’YAVOL, expressed excitement about entering the Australian market, citing the growing demand for luxury spirits among discerning consumers.

D’YAVOL’s commitment to quality and authenticity is evident in its portfolio of luxury spirits, with products like D’YAVOL INCEPTION and D’YAVOL VORTEX garnering international acclaim. The brand’s focus on the origins of its spirits reflects a dedication to preserving the history and traditions of their regions.

Sean Ekanayake, CEO of Jonathan Paige International, expressed pride in representing D’YAVOL in Australia and looks forward to expanding the brand’s presence across retail, duty-free, and on-trade channels. The partnership aims to bring unique and innovative spirits to Australian consumers, offering them a taste of luxury and craftsmanship.

D’YAVOL, founded in 2023 by Shah Rukh Khan, Leti Blagoeva, Aryan Khan, and Bunty Singh under the umbrella of SLAB Ventures, is a brand that values craftsmanship, artisanship, and small-batch production. With a focus on providing a luxury lifestyle collective to the world, D’YAVOL’s partnership with Jonathan Paige International marks a significant step in its global expansion efforts.

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