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Don’t speak against…’: Devendra Fadnavis urges Mahayuti leaders to counter fake narratives before assembly polls

Leaders of Mahayuti urged to maintain unity and refrain from speaking against each other: Devendra Fadnavis

In a bid to maintain unity within the Mahayuti alliance, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis issued a stern message to leaders and spokespersons, urging them to refrain from speaking against each other. Fadnavis emphasized the importance of presenting a united front, as the opposition is attempting to sow seeds of discord by creating a false narrative of disunity among the alliance partners.

Addressing a gathering of BJP, Shiv Sena, and NCP leaders in Mumbai, Fadnavis highlighted the need for all parties to work together and focus on informing the public about government schemes and their successful implementation. He stressed the significance of presenting a cohesive front, especially as Maharashtra gears up for state assembly elections scheduled for October.

Fadnavis reiterated the strength of the alliance and urged leaders to address any issues internally, rather than airing grievances publicly. He also cautioned against the opposition’s attempts to spread misinformation and urged party members to stay united in the face of challenges.

Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister, echoed Fadnavis’ sentiments and accused the opposition of peddling false narratives to undermine the government’s efforts. He emphasized the importance of transparency and urged the public to be vigilant against misinformation spread by the opposition.

As the political landscape in Maharashtra heats up ahead of the upcoming elections, Fadnavis and Pawar’s call for unity and coordination within the Mahayuti alliance serves as a reminder of the crucial need for solidarity in the face of opposition tactics. Their message underscores the importance of presenting a united front and working together to counter false narratives and propel the alliance towards victory in the upcoming polls.

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