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Detroit’s Faith-Based Organizations Champion Environmental Action on Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches this Monday, two Detroit religious communities have showcased their environmental initiatives aimed at fostering climate justice and promoting sustainable practices. The Lord of Lords Ministries and St. Suzanne-Cody Rouge Community Resource Center have been pivotal in orchestrating community-focused events that underscore the vital role of faith groups in the environmental movement.

In anticipation of Earth Day, the St. Suzanne-Cody Rouge Community Resource Center, positioned on Detroit’s west side near Cody High School and the Rouge River, became a hub for ecological education over the weekend. Steve Wasko, the center’s director, detailed their projects: “We have successfully established eight rain gardens across our five-acre campus, supported by educational programs involving high school students from the local Cody-Rouge neighborhood and adult workforce development initiatives.”

Simultaneously, on the city’s east side, the Lord of Lords Ministries demonstrated their commitment to green energy during a gathering led by the Michigan Interfaith Power & Light and Solar Faithful. The congregation, under the guidance of Rev. Calvin Glass, discussed their shift from traditional energy sources to a church-owned solar power system, marking a significant stride towards sustainability.

These events reflect a growing trend among Detroit’s faith communities to not only address environmental concerns but to lead by example in the stewardship of our planet. This movement aligns with the historical essence of Earth Day, established in 1970 following the advocacy of U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, aiming to galvanize national and global support for environmental protection.

Reaffirming the state’s dedication to this cause, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has declared the upcoming Monday as Earth Day in Michigan. Her proclamation emphasizes the day’s importance as a chance to “renew our commitment to preserving and protecting our Earth,” urging actions that ensure cleaner air, water, and a sustainable future for all.

These initiatives by Detroit’s faith communities not only highlight the critical intersection of spirituality and environmentalism but also serve as a call to action for others to integrate eco-friendly practices into their daily lives and communal activities.

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