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Despite contamination concerns, an American swimmer takes a dip in the Seine River before the Olympics

American Swimmer Takes a Dip in Improved Seine River to Celebrate Fourth of July

A 75-year-old American swimmer made a splash in the Seine River in Paris on Thursday, braving the murky waters to celebrate the Fourth of July and showcase the French government’s efforts to clean up the river for the upcoming Olympic Games. Joel Stratte McClure, who last swam in the Seine in 1976, took the plunge to test the water quality and was pleasantly surprised by the improvements he witnessed.

McClure’s swim came just hours before regional authorities released data showing that water quality in the river had improved over the past week, raising hopes that it could host Olympic swimming events. Despite his initial concerns about safety, McClure declared the water “fantastic” after his swim and encouraged others to take advantage of the cleaner river.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who had planned to swim in the Seine last month to prove its cleanliness, postponed her swim due to political tensions and faster-than-usual currents caused by heavy rainfall. However, she still plans to take a dip in mid-July to demonstrate the progress made in cleaning up the river.

With marathon swimming and triathlon events scheduled to take place in the Seine during the Olympics and Paralympics, French officials remain optimistic about the river’s suitability for competition. Despite recent concerns about E. coli contamination, new test results show that water quality has improved, with contamination levels consistently below the safe limit for competitions.

As the countdown to the Olympics continues, the successful swim by McClure serves as a testament to the efforts made to clean up the Seine River and prepare it for the world stage. With the Games just around the corner, all eyes will be on Paris to see if the city can deliver a safe and memorable experience for athletes and spectators alike.

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