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Dead Island 2 Makes Waves on Steam with Promised Steam Deck Compatibility

Dead Island 2 Lights Up Steam Platform, Touts Enhanced Steam Deck Integration

After its initial stint as an Epic Games exclusive, Dambuster Studios, in collaboration with Deep Silver, has launched Dead Island 2 on Steam, highlighting its compatibility with the Steam Deck.

Exploring the Chaos in Los Angeles: A Fight for Survival

Set against the backdrop of a Los Angeles overrun by a vicious virus that transforms residents into ferocious zombies, Dead Island 2 plunges players into an apocalyptic scenario. The city, now quarantined and abandoned by the military, leaves its fate to a few unique survivors who are mysteriously immune to the virus. Players embody these survivors, who possess the uncanny ability to harness their latent zombification to their advantage.

Delving Deeper into the Apocalypse

As players navigate through the ravaged streets of Los Angeles, they will uncover the eerie origins of the outbreak and confront their own mysterious existence. The game promises a blend of survival, evolution, and heroism wrapped in the gritty, glamorous facade of Los Angeles.

Steam Deck Support: Promise Versus Performance

Despite the game’s visually appealing new Steam trailer—restricted on YouTube for its mature content—it notably advertises “Steam Deck Support.” However, Valve has assigned it only a “Playable” status on the Steam Deck, citing issues such as occasional inappropriate device icons, the need for manual activation of the on-screen keyboard, and small in-game text that challenges readability. These oversights highlight ongoing issues with basic accessibility features that are surprisingly still prevalent in 2024.

Additional Technical Hurdles

Players preparing to dive into Dead Island 2 should be aware of its initial setup requirements, including a mandatory internet connection for anti-tamper measures and manual adjustments needed for external controller compatibility on the Steam Deck. Furthermore, forum discussions hint at potential first-launch failures and complications with cross-platform play that necessitate additional configurations.

A Silver Lining for Linux Users

Despite these hiccups, the game is expected to perform well on Desktop Linux systems, thanks to Valve’s Proton technology, which enhances gameplay on this platform.

While Dead Island 2 proudly boasts its readiness for Steam Deck users, the reality presents a mix of excitement and caution. Players may find themselves battling not only zombies but also some technological quirks as they strive to reclaim Los Angeles.

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