Monday, July 15, 2024

Davina McCall determines replacement for Britain’s Got Talent judge in the midst of changes

“Davina McCall rules out replacing Amanda Holden on Britain’s Got Talent amid shake-up rumors”

Davina McCall has officially put an end to rumors that she could be taking over from Amanda Holden on Britain’s Got Talent. The speculation began after Davina stepped in to cover for Amanda on Heart FM while she was on vacation in Mallorca.

Despite filling in for Amanda on the radio show, Davina made it clear that she couldn’t imagine herself as a judge on BGT. “It’s one thing stepping in for Amanda on Heart, but I couldn’t fill a seat on BGT. I feel that that would be wrong in some way. Amanda is on Heart every day, but BGT is massive. I couldn’t do it!” she shared.

Meanwhile, fellow judge Bruno Tonioli also faced rumors of being axed from the show due to the upcoming revamp, which includes changes in filming dates. However, Bruno defended his place on the judging panel, stating, “I’m not going anywhere. I will be back with bells on.”

As the show gears up for its new format to keep up with current viewing trends and maximize profit, fans can rest assured that Amanda Holden’s role on the show seems to be secure. While there may be changes in store for Britain’s Got Talent, one thing is for sure – the excitement surrounding the popular talent show is higher than ever.

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