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Creator of the ‘Glock switch’ technology expresses remorse for invention – 95.5 WSB

Gun Violence Epidemic: Inventor’s Creation Leads to Tragedy

The Rise of Converted Glock Pistols: How a Former Inventor’s Creation is Causing Havoc on American Streets

NEW YORK — Jorge Leon, a former inventor, never imagined that his creation would lead to the devastating consequences seen on the streets of American cities today. At the age of 22, Leon developed a small device that could convert Glock pistols into fully automatic weapons. His intention was to assist the military and law enforcement in his home country of Venezuela.

However, 26 years after securing a U.S. patent for his “fire selector system,” law enforcement officials in the U.S. are now pointing fingers at his invention for flooding the streets with outlawed machine guns. Teenage criminals have been obtaining these converted weapons through the black market, using them to wreak havoc on communities.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Leon expressed deep regret for filing the patent, knowing that his technology, once well-protected, is now freely available for misuse. He shared his sorrow over the unnecessary deaths caused by the illegal use of his invention.

With the official start of summer, law enforcement agencies across the nation are bracing for an increase in gun violence, attributed in part to the easy accessibility of these converted Glock pistols. Multiple shootings have been reported where the use of automatic Glock firearms has resulted in a higher number of casualties.

One grieving father, Martin Collins Jr., who lost his son in a shooting involving a converted Glock, referred to Leon’s device as “the worst invention in American history.” Collins emphasized the devastation these weapons bring to families and communities.

According to a 2023 report by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there has been a significant rise in the number of guns with machine-gun conversion devices recovered at crime scenes in recent years.

Leon, now focused on inventing surgical equipment, expressed fear over the increasing prevalence of his invention in the hands of teenagers and young adults. He highlighted the need for stricter regulations and accountability in the firearms industry to prevent further tragedies.

The lawsuit filed against Glock Inc. by the city of Chicago underscores the escalating concerns surrounding the modification of Glock pistols into automatic weapons. Despite Leon’s attempts to reach out to Glock for redesigning their guns to prevent such modifications, he has received no response.

As the debate on gun control continues, Leon remains committed to advocating for a solution to curb the misuse of his invention and protect the safety of the American people. He hopes his efforts will contribute to reducing crime and preventing further loss of life due to the misuse of converted Glock pistols.

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