Monday, July 15, 2024

Converge Teams Up with American Tech Giant Supermicro to Introduce AI-Powered Data Centers in the Philippines

Converge ICT Partners with Supermicro to Establish AI-Powered Data Centers in the Philippines

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has joined forces with Super Micro Computer Inc. to establish AI-powered data centers in the Philippines. The collaboration aims to construct cutting-edge, environmentally friendly data centers that will support various AI applications.

Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the energy-saving benefits and exceptional AI computing capabilities that Supermicro’s servers bring to the table. The upcoming data centers in Pampanga, Laguna, and Caloocan will incorporate Supermicro’s liquid-cooled solutions and NVIDIA GPUs to enhance AI processing capabilities.

The synergy between Converge and Supermicro will also drive the development of AI applications such as the National Large Language Model (LLM), Smart Manufacturing for Industry 4.0, Deep Learning/Machine Learning, and Video Generator. By adopting Supermicro’s liquid cooling solutions, Converge aims to reduce power consumption, lower data center costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Supermicro’s innovative technology can reduce power consumption by up to 40% in data center servers, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings. As a global leader in IT infrastructure solutions, Supermicro’s environmentally friendly portfolio aligns with Converge’s commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable services to its customers.

With Converge’s extensive fiber optic network and Supermicro’s advanced IT solutions, the partnership is set to revolutionize the Philippine data center landscape. Together, they are paving the way for a more energy-efficient and technologically advanced future in the country’s digital infrastructure.

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