Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Controversial Offside Goal by Uruguay Confirmed by VAR, Dooms USMNT at Copa America

Controversial Refereeing Decisions in USA vs. Uruguay Match

Fans were left in disbelief as the United States faced a controversial defeat against Uruguay in the Copa America, with multiple refereeing decisions going against them. The match, held at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, saw Uruguay take the lead just past the hour mark with a goal from Matias Olivera that appeared to be offside.

Despite VAR checking the goal, the decision was somehow confirmed, leaving fans and commentators puzzled at the seemingly nonsensical call. The controversy continued throughout the match, with referee Kevin Ortega facing criticism for his questionable decisions, including showing a yellow card to a U.S. defender and then allowing Uruguay to play on before putting the card away.

The match ultimately ended with Uruguay securing the victory, but the questionable officiating left a sour taste for the United States and their fans. VAR official Carlos Orbe and Assistant VAR Bryan Loayza, from Ecuador, were also scrutinized for their role in the controversial goal decision.

As the United States fights to stay alive in the tournament, the drama and intrigue surrounding the match against Uruguay only add to the tension and excitement of the Copa America.

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