Monday, July 22, 2024

Clip featuring Kerry Washington and John Stamos in UnPrisoned shows intense face-off

“Kerry Washington and John Stamos Face Off in Season 2 Premiere of UnPrisoned”

The tension between Kerry Washington and John Stamos’ characters on Hulu’s “UnPrisoned” is reaching new heights in the upcoming season 2 premiere. In an exclusive clip from Us Weekly, we see Paige, played by Washington, clashing with Murphy, played by Stamos, during a therapy session with her family.

Murphy, a self-proclaimed radical healing coach, challenges Paige and her family to confront their issues head-on. However, Paige quickly calls out Murphy for not following traditional therapy methods, leading to a heated exchange between the two characters.

Despite Paige’s skepticism, Murphy remains confident in his approach, urging the family to try something different. As the tension rises, viewers get a glimpse of Stamos’ character, a mix between a guru and a reality star who is not afraid to shake things up.

“UnPrisoned,” produced by Onyx Collective, follows Paige’s journey as a single mother raising her son while dealing with her recently released father moving in with them. Season 2 promises to delve deeper into the family dynamics and the challenges they face.

With the premiere set for July 17 on Hulu, fans can expect more drama, conflict, and unexpected twists in the upcoming season of “UnPrisoned.” Stay tuned for what promises to be a captivating continuation of the story.

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