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Christina Hall’s Concerns about Renovating Her Parents’ Home for HGTV

Christina Hall Worries About Renovating Her Parents’ Home on HGTV Show

Christina Hall, the HGTV star known for her home renovation expertise, recently took on a new challenge – renovating her parents’ house in Orange County, California. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Hall revealed that she was nervous about the project, especially since her dad is very particular about his space.

Hall shared that her dad, Paul Haack, is incredibly neat and dislikes anything out of place, making her worry about his reaction to the renovations. Additionally, she was concerned about pleasing her mom, Laurie Haack, whose style differs from her own.

Despite her initial concerns, Hall found the experience of renovating her parents’ home to be fun and carefree. She appreciated her parents’ trust in her vision and enjoyed working alongside them on the project.

One humorous moment during the renovation involved Hall’s best friend, Cassie, who was not shy about sharing her opinions. Cassie questioned some of Hall’s design choices, leading to a comedic exchange that had everyone reconsidering certain aspects of the makeover.

Overall, the project was a success, and Hall is excited for fans to see the completed renovation on the upcoming season of “Christina on the Coast.” The new season will feature even more large-scale projects, including entire home renovations, that fans are sure to enjoy.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Christina on the Coast” season 5 on HGTV, where viewers can see the transformation of Hall’s parents’ home and other exciting projects.

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