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Chinese inventors top global ranking in GenAI patents: UN report

The Rise of GenAI: A Patent Landscape Analysis

The race for innovation in artificial intelligence took an unexpected turn as China emerged as the leader in GenAI patents, leaving the United States trailing behind. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Patent Landscape Report, more than 38,000 GenAI patents were filed in China between 2014 and 2023, a staggering six times more than those filed in the United States.

GenAI, short for Generative AI, has been hailed as a game-changer in technology, allowing users to create content ranging from text, images, music, and software code. This revolutionary technology powers a variety of industrial and consumer products, including popular chatbots like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and Baidu’s ERNIE.

Daren Tang, WIPO Director General, expressed the transformative potential of GenAI, stating that it could revolutionize the way we work, live, and play. The introduction of the deep neural network architecture in 2017 has led to an 800 percent increase in GenAI patents up to 2023, showcasing the rapid advancement of this technology.

The WIPO report highlighted key findings, including that GenAI patents currently represent 6 percent of all AI patents globally. The top applicants for GenAI patents included tech giants like Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba. China led the field in GenAI patents, surpassing the US, Republic of Korea, Japan, and India by a significant margin.

Furthermore, the report noted that image and video data dominated GenAI patents, followed closely by text and speech/musical data. The use of molecule, gene, and protein-based data in GenAI patents has also seen rapid growth, with a 78 percent average annual increase over the past five years.

By analyzing patent trends and data, WIPO aims to provide insights into the development and future of GenAI technology, helping policymakers shape its evolution for the benefit of all. With China leading the way in GenAI innovation, the global landscape of artificial intelligence is set to undergo significant shifts in the coming years.

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