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China remains optimistic despite US tech restrictions as it advances to next phase of internet evolution

China Internet Conference Highlights Country’s Determination in AI and Future Internet Technologies amid US Restrictions

Delegates at the China Internet Conference, marking the 30th anniversary of China’s connection to the internet, are showcasing the country’s determination to achieve self-sufficiency in artificial intelligence and future internet technologies amidst US technology restrictions. The conference, which kicked off on Tuesday, features exhibits by state-owned enterprises and speeches highlighting China’s achievements in internet development.

Despite past reliance on US funding and technologies, China is now focusing on local breakthroughs in the face of a global technology divide. Wu Hequan, a pioneer in China’s communications network development, acknowledged the impact of restrictions on advanced chips but expressed confidence in China’s ability to overcome obstacles through its computing resources. He highlighted that China is the world’s second-largest computing power, right behind the US.

With export restrictions limiting access to advanced products for China, industry leaders like Shang Bing are emphasizing the need for research on AI chips to develop a “controllable” AI model ecosystem. The event also featured displays by major telecom operators showcasing their offerings for AI development, as well as forums dedicated to language model development and the integration of AI with the real economy.

Delegates from China’s internet-based businesses, such as Pinduoduo, also shared insights on their contributions to the country’s digitalization efforts. The conference underscores China’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement despite external challenges. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest developments in the world of technology and artificial intelligence.

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