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Chicago father Earl Lory tragically dies in Fourth of July fireworks accident

Tragic Fourth of July Firework Accident Claims Life of Chicago Dad

A Chicago dad met a tragic end on the Fourth of July after a firework explosion resulted in his untimely death. Earl Lory, a 34-year-old father of two with a third child on the way, was setting off fireworks in an alleyway when a 12-inch mortar tube failed to detonate. Upon investigating the unexploded firework, it unexpectedly went off while he was holding it, causing fatal head injuries.

Neighbors discovered human remains on their property from the blast, prompting the Chicago Fire Department to hose down the area. The alley where the incident occurred is known for its large explosive displays during holidays, according to reports. The fire department responded to at least 13 fireworks-related blazes overnight, with one person tragically losing their life due to delayed ignition of a mortar device.

In a separate incident in South Carolina, a father was killed instantly when a firework on top of his head exploded. The shocking incident left his family traumatized.

Detectives are still investigating the Chicago tragedy as family, friends, and neighbors mourn the loss of Earl Lory. The Fourth of July celebrations turned devastating for these families, serving as a sobering reminder of the dangers associated with fireworks.

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