Friday, May 24, 2024

Cheshire Rejects Proposal to Transform Pig Farm Barn into Housing

Cheshire West and Chester Council has recently denied a proposal from Cuddington Manor Farm, located in Weaverham, to convert a barn into five residential homes. The plan involved minor alterations to repurpose an underused agricultural structure, which currently serves as a storage area for feed and equipment.

Cuddington Manor Farm, renowned for breeding rare pigs, sought permission to adapt its agricultural building into habitable units, varying in size. Groves Town Planning, representing the farm, submitted the plan, highlighting the barn’s potential for better utilization without extensive structural changes. According to the submission, the redesign would preserve the building’s original openings, with new windows and doors to be installed in a way that respects its historical and functional essence.

The proposal also described how the space surrounding the building would be converted into communal areas for residents, providing expansive views of the surrounding countryside. Despite these intentions, the council’s decision came on Wednesday, April 10, with a detailed report from case officer Jo Redmond.

Redmond’s assessment concluded that the transformation would require significant construction efforts, including the addition of a new floor and roof, substantial insulation, and internal structural changes. These modifications were deemed to exceed what would be necessary for a standard conversion, essentially resulting in a complete rebuild rather than a mere conversion.

Moreover, the report criticized the plan for its potential to detract from the local landscape’s aesthetic. It argued that the extensive changes would not preserve the barn’s character nor the overall appearance of the area, leading to the project’s rejection.

While the farm’s proposal has been turned down, the decision can be challenged through an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, offering a possible future for the project should the farm decide to pursue further actions.

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