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Celebrity Chef Justin Sutherland in Custody for Allegedly Threatening Girlfriend

Celebrity Chef Justin Sutherland Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Girlfriend With Gun

Celebrity chef Justin Sutherland has recently made headlines for finding himself in a legal situation after allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a weapon. The Fast Foodies star, 40, was charged with felony threats of violence in Minnesota’s Ramsey County District Court. According to a criminal complaint, Sutherland is accused of pointing a gun at his girlfriend, hitting her in the chest with the weapon, and making threatening statements.

Sutherland has denied the allegations and expressed deep regret for the situation, stating that he is innocent and looking forward to using the judicial system to prove his innocence. He has also acknowledged the need for professional help and making significant changes in his life. Sutherland’s attorney has refuted the claims in the criminal complaint, stating that the relationship was coming to an end and looks forward to the truth coming out as the court process unfolds.

After appearing in court, Sutherland was released on his own recognizance and ordered to surrender any guns he owns. He is due back in court on August 16. Before his legal troubles, Sutherland had a successful career in the culinary world, including competing on Top Chef and winning an episode of Iron Chef America. Despite facing these challenges, Sutherland has shown resilience and determination to move forward.

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