Tuesday, May 28, 2024

CBS to Rebroadcast Billy Joel’s Milestone Madison Square Garden Concert Following Unplanned Interruption

CBS has announced a second airing of Billy Joel’s historic 100th show at Madison Square Garden, responding to viewer uproar after the original broadcast was prematurely cut off. The much-anticipated encore will take place on April 19 at 9 PM ET, allowing fans nationwide to experience the uninterrupted performance.

The interruption occurred during Joel’s iconic rendition of “Piano Man,” much to the disappointment of his widespread fan base, when local news segments unexpectedly replaced the concert in some regions. Julie Holland, CBS’s Vice President of Communications, issued an apology for the error, attributing it to a scheduling mistake during the last moments of the concert, and affirmed the network’s commitment to rectifying the situation.

Joel’s performance, recorded on March 28, featured a lineup of his most beloved songs, such as “New York State of Mind” and his latest hit, “Turn the Lights Back On.” The event was further highlighted by guest appearances from music legend Sting and comedian Jerry Seinfeld, adding a unique flair to the evening.

The original airing, which was delayed due to the overrunning 2024 Masters Tournament, left many viewers unable to see the finale of the concert. This incident has prompted CBS to offer additional viewing options, including streaming through Paramount+.

Billy Joel, a staple in the New York music scene, has set a record with his continuous performances at the venue. He is scheduled to give his final performance at Madison Square Garden in July 2024, marking the end of an era for his fans and music enthusiasts globally.

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