Friday, July 19, 2024

Catholic Churches in Paris Hosting Religious Activities During Summer Olympics and Paralympics

The Church and the Holy Games in Paris 2024

The French Catholic Church is gearing up for a special initiative this summer during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. The Archdiocese of Paris and the French bishops’ conference have launched the “Holy Games” project to evangelize and welcome athletes and spectators from around the world.

More than 70 parishes will be participating in the Holy Games, offering special Masses, devotions, talks, and concerts in different languages to cater to the diverse visitors expected during the games. The project aims to bring together the Church and sports, emphasizing the importance of spirituality and the common good.

The initiative also includes outreach to marginalized communities, with efforts to involve homeless and migrant populations in some of the Olympic festivities. Additionally, young people from various areas of France will be participating in training courses, volunteer work, and prayer activities as part of the Holy Games project.

The International Olympic Committee has partnered with the Holy Games initiative to provide chaplains for the Olympic Village, which will accommodate representatives of multiple faiths. About 40 Catholic chaplains, who share a love for sports, will be on duty throughout the Olympic Games to offer spiritual support to athletes.

One of the key roles of the Catholic chaplains will be to provide guidance and assistance to athletes, especially in moments of disappointment or defeat. Father Jason Nioka, a former judo champion and leader of the Catholic Olympian chaplains, highlighted the importance of helping athletes navigate the emotional challenges of competition.

As Paris prepares to host the world for the Olympics and Paralympics, the Holy Games project stands out as a unique and meaningful way for the Catholic Church to connect with a global audience through the universal languages of faith and sports.

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