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Car Park Companies at Gatwick Airport Leave Holidaymakers ‘Out of Pocket’

Investigating Meet-and-Greet Parking Firms at Gatwick Airport – Passengers Left Out of Pocket

Holidaymakers at Gatwick Airport have found themselves in a nightmare situation after using two meet-and-greet car parking firms, Drive Park and Fly and Galaxy Parking Limited. Customers have reported being left out of pocket and dealing with a range of issues, from lost keys to unexpected charges.

One passenger, Kim Renyard, said that Drive Park and Fly had lost her car key, leading her to have to take a taxi nearly 150 miles home to Norfolk. Despite being promised a full reimbursement, she is still more than £300 out of pocket.

Another customer, Richard Bowyer, faced a similar ordeal when Drive Park and Fly claimed they had no recollection of having his car upon his return from holiday. He ended up having to take a taxi home to Hampshire, costing him about £400. A week later, his car was found in the short stay car park, right where he had handed it over.

Meanwhile, a customer of Galaxy Parking Limited, Leon Palma, received multiple receipts showing his car entering and exiting the drop-off zone at Gatwick six times in one morning, racking up charges of six pounds each time. This unexpected expense added stress to his holiday.

West Sussex Trading Standards has received numerous complaints about both companies, with reports of cars being driven outside of compounds, left at supermarket car parks, and even accumulating speeding tickets. The advice given is to always look for a “buy with confidence approved trader” vetted by trading standards.

Passengers are advised to do thorough research before booking airport parking, ensuring they choose a reputable and trustworthy provider. With the holiday season in full swing, it is crucial to be extra cautious to avoid falling victim to unreliable parking services.

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