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Cameron Bailey Discusses TIFF’s Market Strategy and Partnerships in China

Updates on Toronto International Film Festival’s Future Plans with Launch of Market

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has been making waves with its recent announcements and plans for the future. While the event’s CEO, Cameron Bailey, was in Shanghai for the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival, he shared some insights into the exciting developments at TIFF.

One of the biggest reveals from TIFF this year is the plan to launch its own market starting in 2026, with a substantial $17 million investment from the Canadian government. Bailey emphasized the importance of having a market tied to a film festival, citing the success of similar setups in Europe. The goal is to attract more industry members and showcase Canadian talent on a global scale.

Bailey also discussed the potential benefits for the government, including doubling the number of delegates and providing opportunities for talent development. The investment aims to put Canada on the map in the global film industry and strengthen its presence in North America.

With the timing of TIFF’s market launch just a few weeks before the American Film Market (AFM), Bailey highlighted the focus on festival-grade content and projects, rather than purely commercial products. He believes there is enough time between major events like Cannes and AFM for TIFF to carve out its own niche.

During his time at the Shanghai International Film Festival, Bailey met with industry professionals to spread the word about TIFF’s market plans and encourage collaboration with Chinese filmmakers. He expressed the importance of showcasing Chinese films on a global stage and inviting more international films to be shown in China.

Looking ahead to this year’s TIFF, Bailey mentioned plans to expand the Chinese lineup and feature a diverse range of films from acclaimed Chinese directors. Despite the success of domestic films in China, Bailey sees value in bringing Chinese films to international audiences and fostering cross-border collaborations.

Overall, Bailey’s trip to Shanghai provided a glimpse into TIFF’s ambitious future plans and the potential for growth and collaboration in the global film industry. With the launch of its own market on the horizon, TIFF is poised to make a significant impact on the North American film market and serve as a hub for international talent and creativity.

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