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Business Electric ranks the top 10 off-grid locations

Top 10 Off-Grid Living Counties in the US

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Looking for some peace and quiet away from the chaos? Well, you’re in luck because Business Electric has ranked the top 150 off-grid living counties in the US, as voted by 3,000 Americans.

The top spot for off-grid living goes to Wasco County, Oregon. With only 26,670 residents spread across 2,381 square miles, this county offers a serene and isolated living experience. Surrounded by the beautiful Mount Hood National Forest, residents can enjoy lakes, hiking trails, and mountain biking trails right in their backyard.

In second place is Hot Springs County, Wyoming, with a population of just 4,621 people. This county is surrounded by mountains, adding to its seclusion. Formerly home to the largest town in the country, Hot Springs County now offers residents access to the Big Horn Basin, Wind River Canyon, and Hot Springs State Park.

Meriwether County, Georgia takes the third spot, with a population of 20,613 spread across 505 square miles. Known for its sprawling parks and lakes, this county has a rich history dating back to pre-recorded times.

Bienville Parish, Louisiana, comes in at number four, offering a weekend getaway and hunting and fishing paradise. With just 5,375 households, this county is perfect for those looking for a quiet escape. It is also the location where the infamous Bonnie and Clyde were gunned down.

Rounding out the top five is Somerset County, Maine, with a population of 50,477. With a large area of 4,094 square miles, a quarter of which is covered in water, this maritime-heavy community is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Other counties in the top ten include Harney County, Oregon; Rabun County, Georgia; Litchfield County, Connecticut; Lake County, Michigan; and Pope County, Illinois. These counties offer a peaceful escape from the modern world, with populations under 17,000 people.

Whether you’re looking for a mountain retreat, a lakeside paradise, or a historic town, these top off-grid living counties in the US have something for everyone seeking peace and quiet.

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