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Britney Spears Declares She’s “Single as Hell,” Criticizes Paul Richard Soliz

Britney Spears Slams Paul Richard Soliz, Declares Herself ‘Single as F—k’ and ‘Will Never’ Date Again

Britney Spears has declared herself “single as f—k” in a recent social media post, indicating that she is moving on from her relationship with ex-boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz. The pop star, 42, expressed that she has no intention of dating another man ever again, making a bold statement about her romantic future.

In her since-deleted post, Spears also called out Soliz for his behavior in a recent incident, where he was allegedly driving recklessly in a neighborhood with paparazzi following them. Spears questioned why Soliz rolled down the window and called his mom when the situation escalated, showing her frustration with the situation.

Earlier this year, Spears was involved in a concerning incident at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where she was reportedly escorted out while wrapped in a blanket alongside Soliz. Emergency services were called due to reports of an injured female, but Spears did not require transportation to the hospital. Sources close to the singer revealed that she was upset about the situation and did not want it to escalate.

Spears was previously married to Sam Asghari for 14 months before their divorce in August 2023. Following their split, she was linked to Soliz, who worked briefly at her home before being let go. Despite reports of their relationship status, sources have confirmed that Spears and Soliz were still together as of February.

However, concerns have been raised about Soliz’s criminal record, which includes multiple felonies. Spears’ inner circle reportedly has reservations about him and his intentions, with some expressing doubts about his true motivations. As the situation unfolds, Spears continues to navigate the complexities of her personal life amidst public scrutiny.

For more updates on Britney Spears and Paul Richard Soliz, stay tuned for further developments.

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