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British Foreign Secretary David Lammy Supports ‘Urgent Truce’ in Gaza

Britain’s new Foreign Secretary David Lammy prioritizes ceasefire and hostage release efforts in Israel-Hamas war

British Foreign Secretary David Lammy Pledges Support for Ceasefire and Hostage Release in Israel-Hamas Conflict

In a powerful statement on Friday, Britain’s newly appointed Foreign Secretary David Lammy expressed unwavering support for international efforts to secure an “immediate ceasefire” in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Lammy, who was confirmed in the post by Prime Minister Keir Starmer following Labour’s victory in the UK general election, vowed to work tirelessly towards achieving peace and the release of remaining hostages.

Speaking from the Foreign Office, Lammy, 51, emphasized the urgency of the situation, acknowledging the distressing images emerging from Israel and Gaza. He stated, “But the job now is to get to work with tireless diplomacy to support an immediate ceasefire and move towards getting those hostages out.”

In a move to align with US President Joe Biden’s peace efforts, Lammy also pledged to do everything diplomatically possible to support the proposed truce deal, which includes a six-week ceasefire and the release of hostages by Palestinian militants. Israel’s spy chief is expected in Qatar to continue negotiations for the release of hostages held by Palestinian militants in Gaza.

The UK government, both under the previous administration and now under Labour, has backed the US-led initiatives for peace in the region. Lammy’s appointment as Foreign Secretary is set to continue London’s support for the ceasefire efforts, ensuring a seamless transition in policy towards the Israel-Hamas conflict.

As the world watches with bated breath, Lammy’s commitment to diplomatic intervention signals hope for a peaceful resolution to the devastating conflict. With his steadfast dedication to securing a ceasefire and freeing hostages, the international community can look towards a brighter future for the embattled region.

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