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Brillio, a Global Consulting and Technology Services Company, Expands into the U.S. Market

Brillio Launches in the US with Focus on Innovation and Sustainable Growth in Global Enterprises

Brillio Launches in the US, Aims to Help Companies Innovate for Sustainable Growth

In an exciting announcement, Brillio, a global consulting and technology services company, has officially launched in the US with a $100 million startup investment. The company’s focus is on helping businesses innovate for sustainable growth, increase their agility, and renew their IT efficiencies.

Brillio is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to global enterprises in industries such as Banking and Financial, Energy and Utilities, CPG and Retail, and Technology and Media. With the rapid advancement of technology and market disruptions, Brillio is emphasizing the importance of innovation and staying competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

CEO Raj Mamodia shared, “The Brillio team has a single-minded mission to become our customers’ co-innovation partner; turning disruptive and emerging technologies into competitive advantages.” The company’s approach is to constantly evaluate emerging technologies and develop business solutions that focus on innovation, agility, and efficiency.

With a focus on industry practices, Brillio aims to help customers innovate for growth, improve business agility, and renew IT efficiencies. By combining domain capabilities, investments in innovation, and expertise in emerging technologies, Brillio is positioning itself as a leader in the technology consulting space.

For more information about Brillio and their services, visit their website at and follow them on social media channels such as Facebook (@BrillioGlobal) and Twitter (@BrillioGlobal).

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