Monday, July 15, 2024

Brief World News: UN Reacts to Floods in Bangladesh, Sports and Human Rights, Polio Vaccination Campaign in Angola

Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds as Floods Displace Millions in Bangladesh

As heavy rains continue to wreak havoc in Sylhet and Sunamganj districts, leaving an estimated 1.4 million people in dire situations, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) is stepping up to provide much-needed aid to the affected families.

“Our priority is to ensure that the most vulnerable families can meet their essential food and nutritional needs,” said Simone Parchment, WFP Bangladesh Deputy Country Director. The agency’s field office in Sylhet is distributing fortified biscuits to over 23,000 families to help them in their immediate time of need.

Additionally, WFP plans to provide cash assistance to the 23,000 families and another 48,000 households that were pre-identified as part of their preparedness efforts. With further heavy rains forecasted in the affected regions, the flood situation could worsen in the coming days.

In other news, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, highlighted the importance of addressing human rights issues in the world of sports. Despite the ideals of equality and fair opportunities, athletes face various forms of rights violations and abuses, including racism, sexism, abuse, violence against women, and discrimination based on religion, disability, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Mr. Türk emphasized the need for mega sporting events to serve as platforms to advocate against inequalities. He commended businesses in the sports world aligning their practices with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the inclusion of human rights policies and grievance mechanisms in large-scale sporting events.

Lastly, in health news, authorities in Angola, with support from UN agencies, have launched a vaccination campaign to combat the spread of polio and protect children from childhood paralysis. The program aims to achieve at least 95% vaccination coverage in all districts, identify suspected cases, and raise awareness of routine vaccination.

The first round of the vaccination campaign successfully vaccinated over 5.5 million children, covering the entire at-risk target group. The second round will continue with house-to-house efforts and fixed vaccination posts in high population areas to ensure no child is left unvaccinated.

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