Monday, May 20, 2024

Braves Suffer Humiliating Defeat in L.A. Amidst Extended Losing Streak

The Atlanta Braves faced a formidable challenge against the Los Angeles Dodgers, but Bryce Elder’s pitching faltered, leaving the Braves in a dire situation as their losing streak persists.

On Saturday night, the Braves confronted the Los Angeles Dodgers, with Bryce Elder on the mound, pitted against Tyler Glasnow, one of the top pitchers this season. As expected, Elder struggled against the formidable Dodgers lineup, resulting in an 11-2 defeat for the Braves.

The Braves’ offensive woes continued, with only 18 runs scored over the last seven games. Bryce Elder’s performance was far from ideal, lasting only 3 1⁄3 innings, during which he conceded seven runs on seven hits and four walks.

The game took a quick turn against the Braves, with Max Muncy homering in the second inning, followed by Shohei Ohtani’s eighth homer of the year in the third inning. The Dodgers piled on in the fourth inning, with an Andy Pages homer and three consecutive RBI singles, securing a 7-1 lead. Despite a few more runs from Los Angeles, a critical dropped fly ball from Ozzie Albies further widened the gap, resulting in an 11-2 defeat for the Braves.

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