Monday, May 20, 2024

Blue Ant Studios Secures Global Rights to Stormy Daniels Documentary Amid Trump Trial

As the high-profile trial concerning Donald Trump’s alleged hush money dealings commences in New York, Blue Ant Studios has clinched global distribution rights for “Stormy,” a revealing documentary that offers an intimate glimpse into Stormy Daniels’ pivotal role in a scandal that shook America.

Amidst the backdrop of a significant legal showdown, Blue Ant Studios’ rights division announced its acquisition of the worldwide licensing rights for the documentary “Stormy” (1 x 120’| 2 x 60’). The film promises an unfiltered exploration into the life of Stormy Daniels, spotlighting her narrative and her involvement in events that have left an indelible mark on American history.

The documentary is a creation by Emmy-nominated Erin Lee Carr, known for “I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter,” and director Sarah Gibson, who previously worked on “Orgasm Inc: The Story of One Taste.” Their latest project delves deep into the life-altering revelations surrounding Daniels, exploring her ordeal from a personal and legal perspective.

Lilla Hurst, Global Head of Acquisitions & Content Strategy at Blue Ant Studios, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the documentary’s critical perspective on systemic issues within the legal battles faced by women. “This documentary offers an insider’s view of a monumental struggle between a determined individual and a powerful adversary, providing a fresh perspective on historical events,” Hurst stated.

The film’s production team includes high-profile figures such as Judd Apatow of Apatow Productions, alongside Emmy winners Sara Bernstein and Meredith Kaulfers from Imagine Documentaries. Emelia Brown also contributes as a producer, underscoring the documentary’s robust creative team.

Director Sarah Gibson shared her vision for the documentary, emphasizing the collective effort to portray Daniels’ story authentically and sensitively. “This film represents a unison of voices rallying against injustice and supporting a figure who has faced significant public and personal challenges,” Gibson remarked.

“Stormy” is currently available on Peacock in the US, with Blue Ant Studios handling international licensing. The acquisition deal was facilitated by UTA, representing the production team. This strategic move by Blue Ant Studios aims to extend the reach of Daniels’ compelling narrative to a global audience, reinforcing the studio’s commitment to impactful documentary storytelling.

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