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Biden hints at potential changes to schedule to prioritize sleep, according to NBC4 Washington

President Biden Considers Limiting Evening Events After 8 p.m. to Get More Sleep

President Biden Considers Limiting Evening Events for More Sleep, Allies Concerned After Debate Performance

President Joe Biden has hinted to Democratic governors that he may reduce his evening events after 8 p.m. in order to prioritize getting more sleep, according to sources familiar with the matter. The statement comes after a challenging debate performance that left some Democrats worried about his ability to campaign for re-election.

During a meeting with Democratic governors, Biden made light of his health and joked about his brain, but also emphasized the importance of rest for his well-being. Despite the lighthearted exchange, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured reporters that the President is fully aware and committed to staying in the race.

The leaked details of the meeting, which did not include staff members from the governors, the White House, or the campaign, have fueled speculation about Biden’s health and campaign strategy. California Governor Gavin Newsom dismissed Biden’s 8 p.m. comment as a rhetorical expression of the need for balance and energy in his schedule.

While there has been some criticism from Democratic allies regarding Biden’s debate performance and handling of the aftermath, others have expressed unwavering support. The campaign emphasized the importance of a balanced schedule for presidents, citing past presidents’ routines as examples.

Moving forward, Biden is expected to address concerns in an upcoming interview with ABC News, but some remain skeptical about whether it will be enough to regain confidence. Despite some Democrats questioning Biden’s ability to win in November, there is no widespread call for him to step aside as the nominee.

Overall, the reactions to Biden’s remarks about sleep and campaign strategy highlight the challenges he faces in maintaining support and reinvigorating his campaign. With allies split on their views, the President must navigate carefully to rally confidence and secure a path to re-election.

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