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Biden attributes lackluster debate performance to international travel, admits to feeling drowsy on stage

President Biden Attributes Poor Debate Performance to Foreign Travel

President Joe Biden blamed his lackluster debate performance last week on his extensive foreign travels during the month of June, admitting that jet lag affected his abilities on stage. At a campaign fundraiser in McLean, Virginia, Biden candidly shared with a small group of reporters that his trips abroad, including a visit to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, left him fatigued and not at his best during the debate.

“I decided to travel around the world a couple of times,” Biden explained, acknowledging that he did not listen to his staff’s advice and nearly fell asleep on stage as a result. Despite apologizing for his debate performance, Biden emphasized the importance of winning the election and downplayed his age as a factor in his ability to lead.

The president’s admission comes after his debate performance last Thursday raised concerns about his age and mental acuity among political observers, sparking discussions within the Democratic Party about his nomination. However, Biden remains resolute in his campaign efforts, with the DNC and his campaign reportedly raising millions of dollars since the debate.

With reassurances from senior campaign advisers about his health and fitness for the 2024 campaign, Biden is determined to push forward and fight harder for his presidential bid. The campaign has seen a surge in support, with hundreds of events held around the country in his favor and a significant fundraising haul of $33 million since the debate.

Despite the setbacks, Biden remains optimistic and focused on the goal of winning the election. As the campaign gains momentum, the president’s supporters are rallying behind him, showing unwavering support for his candidacy.

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