Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Biden administration to invest in 12 new tech hubs nationwide

Biden Administration Pushes for Technological Innovation Across the Country

The Biden administration is making a significant investment in technological innovation across the country, providing $504 million in implementation grants for a dozen “tech hubs” in states such as Ohio, Montana, Nevada, and Florida. This move is aimed at decentralizing tech opportunities and resources, instead of allowing them to be concentrated in a few areas like San Francisco.

The grants will support the development of cutting-edge technologies such as quantum computing, biomanufacturing, lithium batteries, computer chips, personal medicine, and more. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo emphasized the importance of spreading resources and opportunities for tech innovation beyond major metro areas, stating that there is immense potential in talented individuals, entrepreneurs, and research institutions across the country.

The funding comes from the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration, with President Joe Biden designating 31 tech hubs in October 2023. Raimondo highlighted the administration’s push for additional funding for the program to ensure that all designated tech hubs can access the resources needed to stay competitive.

Some of the tech hubs receiving funding include the Elevate Quantum Tech Hub in Colorado and New Mexico, the Headwaters Hub in Montana, Heartland BioWorks in Indiana, and many more across various states. This initiative aims to foster innovation and economic growth in regions outside the traditional tech hubs, promoting a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem in the United States.

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