Monday, July 22, 2024

Beryl Causes Power Outages for Nearly 2 Million in Houston Area

Tropical Storm Beryl Hits Texas Coast with Heavy Rains and Powerful Winds

MATAGORDA, Texas (AP) — Tropical Storm Beryl unleashed heavy rains and powerful winds along the Texas coast on Monday, knocking out power to more than 2 million homes and businesses and flooding streets with fast-rising waters as first responders raced to rescue stranded residents.

Tropical Storm Beryl wreaks havoc in Texas, leaving 2 million without power and causing flooding in streets. The storm, which had previously been a Category 1 hurricane, resulted in two fatalities as it made landfall. Houston was severely affected, with high-water rescues underway and flash flood warnings in place. Residents without power struggled to cope, with concerns about spoiled food. Emergency crews were working tirelessly to rescue stranded individuals, even as Beryl continued to bring damaging winds and heavy rainfall. The storm’s impact on Houston comes on the heels of previous devastating storms that hit the area. With Beryl causing cancellations of over 1,000 flights in Houston, the city was at a standstill. President Joe Biden was closely monitoring the situation, and FEMA was ready with resources for search and rescue operations. The storm’s rapid intensification and destructive path through the Caribbean and Mexico served as a warning for the Atlantic hurricane season ahead. Louisiana also braced for heavy rainfall and the potential for flash flooding from the remnants of Beryl. The storm’s sheer power and the havoc it wreaked across multiple regions underscored the need for preparedness and vigilance in the face of such extreme weather events.

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