Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Ben Stiller Claps Back at 76ers’ Kelly Oubre’s Swipe at Knicks’ Star-Studded Fan Base

As the Philadelphia 76ers prepare to face off against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, actor Ben Stiller and 76ers player Kelly Oubre Jr. ignited a fiery exchange that highlights the intense anticipation surrounding Game 1 of the Eastern Conference series.

During a pre-game press briefing on Friday, Kelly Oubre Jr., a key player for the Philadelphia 76ers, shared his enthusiasm for playing in what he referred to as “The Mecca” of basketball. However, he didn’t shy away from criticizing the famous faces frequently spotted in the front rows at Knicks games. “The fans are intense and truly passionate about basketball,” Oubre noted. “Madison Square Garden lights up not just for the game but for the high-profile spectators who often seem more focused on being seen than watching the game.”

The comment sparked a pointed response from Hollywood actor and devout Knicks fan, Ben Stiller, who will be watching from courtside. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Stiller defended the fervor of celebrity Knicks supporters with a witty jab, “Oh, I think I care a lot more than you think that you thought I cared… Kelly Who-bre?” This clever retort not only showcased his commitment to the team but also added a personal touch to the brewing rivalry.

As the series kickoff looms, this unexpected clash between Stiller and Oubre adds an extra layer of drama to what promises to be a thrilling matchup at one of basketball’s most iconic venues. Fans and celebrities alike are buzzing with anticipation, ready to see if the Knicks can leverage their home court advantage against the formidable 76ers.

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