Sunday, May 19, 2024

Ben Simmons Rocks Met Gala 2024 with a Clock Briefcase!

Ben Simmons made a bold statement at Met Gala 2024, stepping onto the red carpet with a Thom Browne ensemble and a unique accessory that turned heads: a briefcase clock.

Brooklyn Nets’ Ben Simmons didn’t hold back with his Met Gala outfit, following this year’s theme, “The Garden of Time.” His standout accessory, a briefcase clock, took the theme quite literally. The hollowed-out briefcase featured a simple two-hand clock, making it a literal interpretation of the theme. This year’s Met Gala saw an array of time-inspired accessories, with Tyla carrying an hourglass.

Simmons didn’t stop there; he also wore a Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch with a gem-set rainbow bezel, adding another layer to the “Garden of Time” theme. His Thom Browne ensemble completed the look, with a tartan-patterned overcoat adorned with a vine sprouting from the bottom hem, culminating in a blooming flower at the top. In a night expected to be filled with eccentric fashion, Ben Simmons set the tone with his avant-garde interpretation of the Met Gala’s theme.

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